Pioneers in the industry, we offer mechanical creepers, fuel injector cleaners, AC gas recycling equipment, and garage nitrogen generators from India.

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AC Gas Recycling Equipment

Approx. Price: Rs 1,25,000 Lakh / Piece

Introducing our AC Gas Recycling Equipment – designed for swift recovery and efficient reuse of recovered gas. Achieve optimal performance with a robust vacuum pump for thorough vacuuming of your car's AC system. The gas charging process is seamlessly handled by leveraging pressure differences. Plus, enjoy the convenience of an automatic air purge.

Key Features:

  • Swift Recovery
  • Recycling of Recovered Gas
  • Efficient Vacuuming with a Heavy-Duty Vacuum Pump
  • Gas Charging via Pressure Difference
  • Automatic Air Purge for added convenience.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Approx. Price: Rs 37,500 / Piece

Introducing the Auto Serv Fuel Injector Cleaner, a pinnacle of automotive maintenance technology. As a distinguished manufacturer and exporter, we take pride in delivering top-quality fuel injector cleaners that are crafted with precision using premium materials that adhere to the highest industry standards.

Fuel Injector Key Features:

  • Precision Craftsmanship
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Rigorous Quality Inspection
  • Comprehensive Testing
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Innovative Features

Mechanical Creeper

Approx. Price: Rs 4,900 / Piece

We offer Mechanical Creeper which is flexible at either end, making it simpler to fit into different spaces. The creeper is padded, with a raised headrest to help the client. 3/4 in. steel tubing is powder covered to anticipate rusting. Completely cushioned with hard core vinyl that can be effortlessly cleaned. We are putting forth this item to our clients in the most sensible market estimating. Features:
    • Rigid molded, one piece plastic construction
    • Shaped arm areas for optimal movement freedom
    • Padded head support
    • Two built-in tool trays (right left)

Wheel Balancer Machine AS 2400

Approx. Price: Rs 70,000 / Piece

We offer this awesome Digital Advanced Wheel Balancer AS - 2400 that can identify non-adjust, outspread power-related issues related to tire consistency, tire and edge runout, wheel-to-balancer mounting mistakes, and an inappropriately situated globule.


  • Advanced digital technology
  • Smart Weight Technology for optimal balance
  • Dual Dataset Arms for enhanced accuracy
  • LED Display for clear information
  • Self-Calibration Program for seamless operation
  • Wheel Cover Hood for added safety
  • Quality construction with industrial standards
  • Efficient cycle time of approximately 6.9 seconds

At the forefront of automotive advancements, our range of cutting-edge equipment is designed to elevate your garage experience. As industry pioneers in India, we present an array of essential tools and systems that redefine efficiency and precision in vehicle maintenance.

Mechanical Creeper:
Discover the ultimate solution for accessibility and ease during car repairs with our mechanical creeper. Engineered for enhanced mobility beneath vehicles, this tool ensures mechanics can navigate tight spaces effortlessly, enhancing productivity and comfort during maintenance tasks. With durable construction and ergonomic design, our mechanical creeper is a must-have for any automotive workshop.

Fuel Injector Cleaner:
Maintaining peak engine performance is made effortless with our innovative fuel injector cleaner. Crafted to remove deposits and impurities from fuel injectors, this tool ensures your vehicle's engine operates at optimal efficiency. By providing a clean and consistent fuel supply, our injector cleaner aids in enhancing fuel economy and overall vehicle performance.

AC Gas Recycling Equipment:
Our advanced AC gas recycling equipment is designed to meet the stringent demands of modern air conditioning systems in vehicles. Offering a comprehensive solution for refrigerant recovery and recycling, this equipment ensures environmental compliance and efficient AC system maintenance. With user-friendly features and robust technology, it's the ideal choice for any garage seeking top-notch AC system servicing.

Garage Nitrogen Generator:
Step into the future of tire maintenance with our garage nitrogen generator. Engineered to produce high-purity nitrogen, this system allows for precise tire inflation. Nitrogen-filled tires maintain consistent pressure, enhancing tire life and overall safety. This generator is an indispensable addition to any garage, ensuring vehicles leave with optimized tire performance.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer these indispensable products, setting a new standard in the automotive industry. Designed and manufactured with superior quality and precision, each tool and equipment serves to streamline operations in your garage, providing the utmost in reliability and performance.

Trust us as your one-stop destination for top-tier automotive maintenance solutions, as we continue to pave the way with innovative, industry-leading equipment. Explore our range and witness the transformative power of technology in automotive care.