Explore our range of headlight beam aligners, designed for precise alignment and optimal performance. Choose the perfect head beam aligner for cars to ensure accurate adjustments and enhance visibility on the road. Elevate your driving experience with our quality products.

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Car Headlamp Alignment Machine Latest Price

Approx. Price: Rs 27,500 / Piece

Introducing the Auto Serv Headlamp Aligner — a precision machine for accurate and versatile headlamp alignment. With a lens diameter of 50-60 mm, adjustable bar torsion, and weighing 20-30 kg, it ensures optimal performance with portability.


  • Lens Diameter range between 50-60 mm
  • Bar Torsion ranges between +2.5cm/-5.0 cm/10m
  • Weight of the product between 20-30 kg
  • With Lux meter
  • Regulation range between 250-1400 mm

Headlamp Aligner For HCVs at Best Price

Approx. Price: Rs 30,500 / Piece

Align heavy vehicle headlights precisely with the Auto Serv Headlamp Aligner. Designed for trucks, it's easy to use, adaptable, and ensures safety. Order now and Get Best Deal


  • Lens Diameter range between 50-60 mm
  • Weight of the product between 20-30 kg
  • Regulation Height between 250-1500 mm
  • With Lux meter

Headlight Beam Aligner Machine Latest Price

Approx. Price: Rs 25,000 / Piece

Auto Serv Head Beam Aligner:

Priced at Rs 25,000, our leading-edge Head Beam Aligner requires no external power for alignment. Quick, simple, and space-efficient, it features extra-long rails for easy mobility and clear aiming screens. Battery-powered Lux Meter optional. Complete with installation instructions and manual.


  • Power supply not required for Head Beam Alignment. Battery required only for use of Lux Meter.
  • Quick & simple to use.
  • Supplied with extra long Rails allowing the unit to be wheeled away in the drive. through the application.
  • It takes very little space- Requires only 500mm between the vehicle Head Lamp and lens.
  • Supplied complete with installation instructions and operation Manual.
  • Clear & simple aiming screen.

Discover the ultimate in headlight precision with our headlight beam aligners, specially crafted for cars. Our extensive selection includes top-quality head beam aligners designed to deliver accurate adjustments, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced visibility on the road.

Choose from our range to find the perfect headlight beam aligner for your car, providing a seamless and safe driving experience. Elevate your vehicle's lighting capabilities with our reliable and efficient solutions, bringing clarity and confidence to your journeys.

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