Discover precision and stability with our cutting-edge wheel balancers. Achieve optimal tire performance and a smooth ride with our advanced technology, designed to balance wheels with unparalleled accuracy. Explore our range of wheel balancers for a driving experience that’s perfectly aligned with excellence.

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Digital Advanced Wheel Balancing Machine in Best Quality

Approx. Price: Rs 65,000 / Piece

Enhance your wheel balancing experience with the AS-WB-2465 Digital Advanced Wheel Balancer by Auto Serv. Precision-engineered for passenger cars and SUVs, this state-of-the-art machine ensures optimal balance and efficiency in every use.

Key Features: Wheel Balancer

  • Digital Wheel Balancer (Computerised)
  • LED Display, Self-Calibration Program
  • Comes with a Wheel Cover Hood
  • LED Display and Self Calibration Program for user-friendly operation.
  • Hunter's Smart Weight technology minimizes weight chasing, enhancing accuracy.
  • Designed with dual dataset arms and digital devices for precision balancing.
  • Ideal for identifying tire consistency, wheel runout, and mounting errors.

Wheel Balancer Machine AS 2400

Approx. Price: Rs 70,000 / Piece

We offer this awesome Digital Advanced Wheel Balancer AS - 2400 that can identify non-adjust, outspread power-related issues related to tire consistency, tire and edge runout, wheel-to-balancer mounting mistakes, and an inappropriately situated globule.


  • Advanced digital technology
  • Smart Weight Technology for optimal balance
  • Dual Dataset Arms for enhanced accuracy
  • LED Display for clear information
  • Self-Calibration Program for seamless operation
  • Wheel Cover Hood for added safety
  • Quality construction with industrial standards
  • Efficient cycle time of approximately 6.9 seconds

Transform your driving encounters into smooth journeys with our advanced wheel balancing solutions and state-of-the-art computerized wheel alignment tools. At AutoServ, we take pride in offering a comprehensive lineup of products designed to enhance your vehicle's performance and longevity.

Our wheel balancers are crafted with precision in mind, ensuring that each tire is perfectly balanced for optimal performance. No more dealing with uneven tire wear or vibrations on the road – our technology guarantees a seamless and stable ride.

In addition to our top-notch wheel balancers, we bring you the latest in automotive alignment technology. Our computerized wheel alignment tools provide unparalleled accuracy, aligning your vehicle's wheels with the utmost precision. This not only improves your driving experience but also extends the lifespan of your tires and enhances fuel efficiency.

Discover the difference that cutting-edge technology can make for your vehicle. Explore our selection of wheel balancers and computerized wheel alignment tools to elevate your ride to new heights. At AutoServ, we are committed to delivering excellence on the road, one balanced wheel at a time.

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