Welcome to our world of automotive precision. We take pride in presenting a diverse range of cutting-edge tools designed to revolutionize your workshop. Our lineup includes the latest in automotive technology, featuring a state-of-the-art 3D wheel alignment machine for unparalleled accuracy in handling and tire longevity.

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3D Wheel Alignment Machine

Approx. Price: Rs 2,85,000 Lakh / Unit

We are the main organization, effectively occupied with offering 3D Wheel Alignment Machine. Our machine highlights finish functionalities, sensible interface, programmed observing and task tips to dispose of ill-advised activity.


  • 3D Wheel Aligner With Cabinet
  • Stable, Accurate, Low Cost, Easy to Maintain
  • Waterproof Targets,
  • Long Life High Speed Camera System
  • Parking Assistance,
  • Voice Prompt (Optional)
  • Customer to provide Printer & UPS

Air Impact Wrench

Approx. Price: Rs 16,000 / Piece

Elevate your toolkit with the Auto Serv Air Impact Wrench – a professional's choice. Unleash superior power, minimize noise, and enjoy extended durability. Equipped with a hard-hitting twin hammer, it ensures reliability and high torque output.

Key Features:

BrandAuto Serv
Warranty6 months
Drive Size1/2"
Air Consumption5 cfm
Including Coiled Hose10 m

Buy Axle stand online in Best Price

Approx. Price: Rs 550.00 / Piece

We are effectively occupied with offering a wide range of Axle Stand. This pivot stand is produced as per set models using first-class material and propelled methods.

  • 4 Holes for adjustment of Height
  • Heavy Duty (For Passenger Cars & SUV's)
  • Axle Stand (Ghodi/ Tripod Stands)
  • Upto 4-ton Capacity

Car Headlamp Alignment Machine Latest Price

Approx. Price: Rs 27,500 / Piece

Introducing the Auto Serv Headlamp Aligner — a precision machine for accurate and versatile headlamp alignment. With a lens diameter of 50-60 mm, adjustable bar torsion, and weighing 20-30 kg, it ensures optimal performance with portability.


  • Lens Diameter range between 50-60 mm
  • Bar Torsion ranges between +2.5cm/-5.0 cm/10m
  • Weight of the product between 20-30 kg
  • With Lux meter
  • Regulation range between 250-1400 mm

Digital Advanced Wheel Balancing Machine in Best Quality

Approx. Price: Rs 65,000 / Piece

Enhance your wheel balancing experience with the AS-WB-2465 Digital Advanced Wheel Balancer by Auto Serv. Precision-engineered for passenger cars and SUVs, this state-of-the-art machine ensures optimal balance and efficiency in every use.

Key Features: Wheel Balancer

  • Digital Wheel Balancer (Computerised)
  • LED Display, Self-Calibration Program
  • Comes with a Wheel Cover Hood
  • LED Display and Self Calibration Program for user-friendly operation.
  • Hunter's Smart Weight technology minimizes weight chasing, enhancing accuracy.
  • Designed with dual dataset arms and digital devices for precision balancing.
  • Ideal for identifying tire consistency, wheel runout, and mounting errors.

Headlamp Aligner For HCVs at Best Price

Approx. Price: Rs 30,500 / Piece

Align heavy vehicle headlights precisely with the Auto Serv Headlamp Aligner. Designed for trucks, it's easy to use, adaptable, and ensures safety. Order now and Get Best Deal


  • Lens Diameter range between 50-60 mm
  • Weight of the product between 20-30 kg
  • Regulation Height between 250-1500 mm
  • With Lux meter

Headlight Beam Aligner Machine Latest Price

Approx. Price: Rs 25,000 / Piece

Auto Serv Head Beam Aligner:

Priced at Rs 25,000, our leading-edge Head Beam Aligner requires no external power for alignment. Quick, simple, and space-efficient, it features extra-long rails for easy mobility and clear aiming screens. Battery-powered Lux Meter optional. Complete with installation instructions and manual.


  • Power supply not required for Head Beam Alignment. Battery required only for use of Lux Meter.
  • Quick & simple to use.
  • Supplied with extra long Rails allowing the unit to be wheeled away in the drive. through the application.
  • It takes very little space- Requires only 500mm between the vehicle Head Lamp and lens.
  • Supplied complete with installation instructions and operation Manual.
  • Clear & simple aiming screen.

Nitrogen Generator Cum Inflator Truck

Approx. Price: Rs 1,15,000 / Piece

Nitrogen Generator Cum Inflator gives practical and adaptable income-producing open doors for tire benefit gives offering elevated amounts of N2 execution, low running expenses, and a long lifetime, just for a direct capital cost.
  • Fitted with a clip-on filling gun.
  • Instant nitrogen output, no waiting.
  • Analog filling gun provided with the machine.
  • N2 Out pressure gauge.

Nitrogen Generator Cum Tires Inflator at Best Price

Approx. Price: Rs 70,000 / Unit

Nitrogen tire inflator gives practical and adaptable income-producing open doors for tire benefits offering elevated amounts of N2 execution, low running expenses, and a long lifetime, just for a direct capital cost.
  • Fitted with a clip-on filling gun.
  • Instant nitrogen output, no waiting.
  • Analog filling gun provided with the machine.
  • N2 Out pressure gauge.

Tyre Changer Latest Price, Manufacturers & Suppliers

Approx. Price: Rs 75,000 / Piece

The AS-TC-1020 Tire Changer by Auto Serv is a semi-automatic machine designed to assist tire professionals in the smooth descent and mounting of tires onto vehicle wheels. This tire changer, suitable for cars, offers efficient tire replacement for various types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and heavy-duty automobiles.


    1. Semi-automatic operation for efficient tire handling.
    2. Suitable for various vehicles, with a focus on cars.
    3. AS-TC-1020 model with options available in 10"20 sizes, featuring four jaws and a double cylinder.
    4. Operating pressure ranges between 0.8-1.0 MPa for versatility.
    5. Powerful bead-breaking force of 2500 Kg.

Wheel Balancer Machine AS 2400

Approx. Price: Rs 70,000 / Piece

We offer this awesome Digital Advanced Wheel Balancer AS - 2400 that can identify non-adjust, outspread power-related issues related to tire consistency, tire and edge runout, wheel-to-balancer mounting mistakes, and an inappropriately situated globule.


  • Advanced digital technology
  • Smart Weight Technology for optimal balance
  • Dual Dataset Arms for enhanced accuracy
  • LED Display for clear information
  • Self-Calibration Program for seamless operation
  • Wheel Cover Hood for added safety
  • Quality construction with industrial standards
  • Efficient cycle time of approximately 6.9 seconds

Welcome to AutoServ, where automotive excellence meets innovation. Elevate your workshop with our top-tier tools designed to redefine automotive maintenance. The AutoServ 3D wheel alignment machine ensures precision for optimal handling and extended tire life. Experience peak performance with the AutoServ nitrogen generator cum inflator, perfect for both trucks and cars.

Simplify tire replacement with the user-friendly AutoServ tyre changer, offering efficiency without compromising precision. The AutoServ CCD wheel alignment machine delivers reliable measurements across diverse vehicles, complemented by the stability of our easy-to-use wheel aligner. Achieve perfect balance for smoother rides and extended tire life with the AutoServ digital advanced wheel balancer.

Our customers rave about AutoServ's products, praising their efficiency and ease of use. The precision of the AutoServ 3D wheel alignment machine ensures optimal handling, and the nitrogen generator cum inflator significantly improves tire performance. The AutoServ tyre changer is lauded for its efficiency and user-friendly design, making tire replacement a seamless process.

The CCD wheel alignment machine's accurate measurements and the stability of the AutoServ wheel aligner receive high acclaim. Our digital advanced wheel balancer is recognized for delivering perfect balance, leading to smoother rides and prolonged tire life.

Experience automotive innovation at its finest with AutoServ's top-quality products. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your workshop is equipped with tools that define the future of automotive maintenance.