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Car Washing Hoist

Upgrade your car washing with the car washing hoist. It is a key part of the vehicle service industry. The hoist is designed for quality, durability, and reliability. It makes your work easier and faster. You may service light-passenger cars or heavy-duty vehicles.

Key Features:

The poles are made of high-grade steel. They are manufactured with close tolerance and hard chrome plating for wear resistance.
  • The wiper rings are uniquely designed. They stop water and dust from entering the hoist cylinder.
  • Indoor & outdoor installation: Can be installed in any environment.
  • Lifting and washing: You will be able to use lifting and washing.
  • Easy access to all parts of the vehicle: Allow to clean vehicles underparts.
  • Reduces time: Makes the cleaning process better.
  • Enables enough utilization of water resources: Makes the cleaning process more sustainable.