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Car Washing Foam Tank

Introducing our Pneumatic Foam Washer, available at an unbeatable price of Rs 14,000 per piece. This game-changing device takes car cleaning to the next level with its incredible features:


  1. Pneumatic Foam Washer
  2. Mix Car Shampoo with Water (20:01 ratio)
  3. Spray Shampoo on the Vehicle before Washing
  4. Gives Extra Glow in Washing
  5. Approx. Price: Rs 14,000 / Piece
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Powerful Car Washer and Garage Equipment

Car Wash Garage equipment is Car Washing equipment included below the mentioned product. Car Washing Lift, Car Washer, Foam Washer, Vacuum Cleaner
  • Type: Fully Automatic, 2900 psi, 3 phase, 5HP
  • Brand: Auto Serv
  • Type Of Vehicle: Cars
  • Usage/Application: Car Washer
  • Material: Mix Material with product requirement
  • Color: Black
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