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Accessories For car Wash, Car Washing Equipment, Gurgaon

Car Washing Equipment

Accessories for Car Wash in Gurgaon” offers a wide range of high-quality car washing equipment. These accessories enhance the efficiency of your car wash services, ensuring a thorough and professional cleaning for any vehicle.

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Car Washing Foam Tank


Introducing our Pneumatic Foam Washer, available at an unbeatable price of Rs 14,000 per piece. This game-changing device takes car cleaning to the next level with its incredible features:


  1. Pneumatic Foam Washer
  2. Mix Car Shampoo with Water (20:01 ratio)
  3. Spray Shampoo on the Vehicle before Washing
  4. Gives Extra Glow in Washing
  5. Approx. Price: Rs 14,000 / Piece

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Car Washing Hoist


Upgrade your car washing with the car washing hoist. It is a key part of the vehicle service industry. The hoist is designed for quality, durability, and reliability. It makes your work easier and faster. You may service light-passenger cars or heavy-duty vehicles.

Key Features:

The poles are made of high-grade steel. They are manufactured with close tolerance and hard chrome plating for wear resistance.

  • The wiper rings are uniquely designed. They stop water and dust from entering the hoist cylinder.
  • Indoor & outdoor installation: Can be installed in any environment.
  • Lifting and washing: You will be able to use lifting and washing.
  • Easy access to all parts of the vehicle: Allow to clean vehicles underparts.
  • Reduces time: Makes the cleaning process better.
  • Enables enough utilization of water resources: Makes the cleaning process more sustainable.

Engine Decarbonizing Machine – Get Quotation for Best Price


Introducing our premium Engine Decarbonizing Machine, available in two variants to cater to diverse needs. Choose from the 1.50 Lakh variant designed for engines up to 4000cc or the 2.50 Lakh variant tailored for engines up to 15000cc.

Versatile and effective, this machine works seamlessly on both petrol and diesel engines, offering optimal performance for your vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines
  • Available in two variants for different engine capacities
  • Uses distilled water for effective carbon cleaning
  • Semi-automatic operation for user convenience
  • Air cooling system ensures efficient performance
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Made in India, ensuring quality and reliability in every use.

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Washing Scissor Lift


Auto-Serv introduces the Portable Car Washing Scissor Lift (PSL-800), a versatile solution designed to simplify car washing and streamline vehicle movement within body shops.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with Two Hydraulic Cylinders for Efficient Operation.
  • Portable Design Ensures Convenience in Handling.
  • Safety Lock Mechanism Provides Security at Various Heights.
  • Aluminum Check-Plates Offer Durability and Stability.
  • Double Security Device Incorporates Hydraulic Power and Mechanical Insurance.
  • Installation Requires No Civil Work, Ensuring Quick Setup.
  • Oil Consumption: 10 Litres, Ensuring Cost-Effective Usage.
  • Compressor Not Required, Simplifying Operational Setup.

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Car washing equipment refers to the various machines and tools used to clean cars. This includes high-pressure car wash systems and steam car wash equipment. It also includes automatic car wash machines and car vacuum cleaners.

Car washing equipment uses pressurized water or steam. It dislodges dirt and grime from the car’s surface. Automatic car wash systems are fully automated, providing a touchless or friction-based wash.

There are many types of car washing equipment. They include high-pressure car wash systems. They also include steam car wash gear, automatic car wash machines, and car vacuums.

Using car washing equipment saves time. It’s much faster than cleaning by hand. It ensures that even the toughest dirt, grime, and stains are easily removed. This leaves your car spotless.

The efficiency of car washing gear depends on its motor strength. The pump’s design sets the pressure and flow rate of water. The nozzle can change the water’s pressure and direction for specific cleaning needs.

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