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CNG Two Wheelers – Green Riding in India

CNG two wheelers may offer high mileage and low emissions but might stumble on performance Paving the way for green riding in India

There are busy roads in India. They are home to many two-wheelers whizzing through the traffic. Two-wheelers carry passengers and hold a place in the heart of the country.

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But what if these ubiquitous vehicles were more than a means of transportation? What if they could contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future? Enter CNG two-wheelers. They are a revolutionary concept that will change the way we ride.

Dawn of CNG two wheelers

Bajaj Auto’s bold move – Bajaj Auto is known for innovating and offering affordable products. It is at the forefront of this green revolution. The company is preparing to launch India’s first CNG motorcycle. This move could reshape the mobility of two-wheelers.

The designers created the motorcycle to cater to users in the 100 cc to 160 cc segment. It aims to combine performance, economy, and environmental friendliness.

Name of the game/Bike

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The bike’s exact name is a mystery. But, Bajaj has trademarked several interesting titles. Among them is ‘Marathon.’ Its name points to a bike for long distances and exceptional mileage.

Imagine traveling on city streets and highways. You know that cleaner fuel powers your ride.

Fuel of the future

But why CNG? CNG is a fuel. It emits far fewer pollutants than petrol. Bajaj’s approach is in line with the global effort towards clean energy sources. We expect the CNG motorcycle to hold about 1.20 kg of CNG in its cylinder. It will offer an impressive range of about 120 km.

Imagine saving on fuel costs. You can refuel at CNG stations. You will help clean the air and enjoy the thrill of the ride.

Portfolio expansion

Apart from CNG motorcycles, Bajaj also has other interesting names. The trademark office has also approved the trademarks for ‘Glider’ and ‘Freedom’. A future cruiser bike will earmark them.

These models may enhance Bajaj’s existing offerings, such as the popular Avenger series. Also, “Trekker” suggests an adventure bike. This is an exciting idea for riders who want to escape off-road.

An ongoing commitment

Bajaj’s move towards CNG motorcycles is not an isolated incident. It is part of a broader commitment to cleaner fuel alternatives. The company already makes electric vehicles (EVs). It is also exploring ethanol and now venturing into CNG.

At first, Bajaj plans to make 1 to 1.20 lakh CNG motorcycles each year. They hope to double that later. The move aligns with global sustainability goals. It also meets the rising demand for cheap transportation.

Countdown begins

The launch date is approaching. The industry and consumers await the unveiling of India’s first CNG motorcycle. It’s not about a new bike. It’s about a greener, cleaner environment.

In the future, two-wheelers will play a vital role in shaping our planet’s destiny. So, keep an eye on the ‘Marathon’ or whatever name Bajaj chooses – it’s a journey worth celebrating.

The roads are loud and busy. But, CNG two-wheelers whisper a promise. They offer a ride towards sustainability, one revolution at a time.

FaQ – People also ask

Is CNG bike possible?

  • Bajaj Auto is working on the world’s first CNG-powered motorcycle, expecting a commercial launch in 2025.

2. Can Activa run on CNG?

  • Yes, Honda Activa can run on both petrol and CNG. A CNG kit is fitted below the seat with cylinders at the front, providing the choice to use either fuel.

3. What is the mileage of CNG motorcycle?

  • A CNG kit for two-wheelers can run up to 120-130 km per kg, costing approximately INR 0.60 per km per single fill.

4. What is the mileage of Honda Activa CNG?

  • The CNG variant of Honda Activa offers a substantial mileage of up to 200 kilometers for every kilogram of CNG.

5. How much mileage can 15kg CNG give?

  • Generally, a CNG cylinder capacity of 15kg, when filled with about 12kg of gas, can run about 140 km on a single filling.

6. Which CNG gives the highest mileage?

  • Wagon R CNG has a mileage of 32.52 km/kg, making it one of the top-performing CNG cars.

7. How many km is 1 kg CNG?

  • On average, a CNG car can travel 25 to 30 kilometers per kilogram of gas, depending on various factors.

8. How many Litres is 1kg of CNG?

  • Liquefied Natural Gas has 1 kilogram containing approximately 1.689 liters.

9. How many km is 8 kg CNG?

  • With a CNG capacity of 8kg, a vehicle can go around 145-150 km on the highway and 100-120 km in the city.

10. Is CNG a good option?

  •  CNG is a clean and cost-effective fuel option with negligible environmental impact, but the choice depends on individual needs and priorities.

11. Can we fit CNG to scooty?

  • CNG kits may be fitted to motorbikes within specific cubic capacity ranges, but there are limitations.

12. Does CNG reduce speed?

  • While CNG is not harmful to the engine, it may reduce power, affecting acceleration and top speed.

13. Is CNG cheaper than petrol? Is CNG better than petrol?

  • CNG cars offer better fuel efficiency, traveling up to 25% further than petrol cars on the same amount of fuel.

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