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Fully Automatic Car Washing Machine Price in India

car washing expert 1 Fully Automatic Car Washing Machine Price in India

Fully Automatic Car Washing Machine Price Analysis. Get Quotation

Fully Automatic Car Washing Machine Price – Explore Price & Features

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity. This has increased the trend of fully automatic car washes. They provide a quick and efficient way of keeping vehicles clean. In this article we will throw light on the prices of these cars. We’ll also cover their features and the factors that affect their cost.

General Presentation for Fully Automatic Car Washing Machine Price

Fully automatic car washes have revolutionized the car cleaning industry. These machines are designed to wash the car thoroughly without the need for manual labour. They come with high pressure water jets, rotating brushes and drying system. These features make car washing thorough and efficient.

Prices for Fully Automatic Car Washing Machine Price

The price of a car wash can vary greatly. It depends on many factors. This also includes branding. It also includes features, material and type of technology.

Entry Level Washers

These machines are for entry level use. It usually costs around Rs 680,000. Cars have basic features. They are great for small-scale operations or personal use. They are generally made of mild steel and their engine power is around 6-10 HP1.

Mid Range Washer

The price of mid-priced cars ranges from Rs 7,31,000 to Rs 10,00,000. These machines have more advanced features. They are made of hard materials like stainless steel. They also have high engine power, ranging from 7.5 hp to 10 hp1.

High Range Washers

High-end automatic car washes can cost more than Rs 15,35,000. These machines are equipped with latest technology. It also offers many advanced features. They are for heavy use. They are common in professional laundries.

Factors that Affecting Price

Many factors affect the price of a fully automatic car wash. Brand is an important factor. Well-known brands often cost more. This is due to their reputation for quality and reliability.

The features provided in the car also play an important role in deciding its price. The machines have advanced functions like robotic washing and high-pressure water jets. These also have the facility of touchless washing. Their prices are usually higher.

The materials used in manufacturing a car can also affect its price. The machines are made of durable materials like stainless steel. They are often more expensive than products made from less powerful materials.

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the best automatic car wash machine at AutoServIndia?

The best automatic car wash machine costs around Rs 65,0001.

What is the price of Power Car Washer and Parking at AutoServIndia?

Power car washer and parking lot costs around Rs 75,0002.

How much does the scissor lift PSL800 cost?

This is a portable car wash hydraulic lift from AutoServIndia.Scissor Lift PSL800 is a hydraulic lift for car washing. Its price is Rs 95,00012.

Are there any additional costs to own an AutoServIndia automatic washing machine?

Yes, individual ownership can be expensive. They come with an automatic washing machine. These may include installation and maintenance costs. These also include medical expenses which require 12.

Is AutoServIndia’s Automatic Washing Machine Worth It?

Yes, all automatic washing machines can be good value. They can save time and money compared to a car wash. However, cost-effectiveness may depend on the specific model. It also depends on how much it has been used12.

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