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Manual Tyre Changer Machine – Explore Products

Manual Tyre Changer Machine: A Handy Tool for Every Garage

Manual Tyre Changer Machine Manual Tyre Changer Machine - Explore Products

A manual tire changer is simple but effective. It lets drivers change a tire on its rim using only the tool and their hands. This equipment is cheap and handy. It’s perfect for small jobs. Let’s explore the tyre changer components and benefits.

Manual Tyre Changer Components.

A manual tyre changer has two components:

1.1 Mount

The mount holds and secures us during the tyre-changing process.

1.2 Pry Bar

The pry bar is used to remove and install the tyres. It is designed to use the force from the user. It uses it to demount the tire from the rim. Then, it fits the new tire onto the rim.

Advantages of a Manual Tyre Changer

2.1 Cost-Effective

Manual tire changers are cheaper than automatic. They are for people who cannot afford expensive tire changers or want to spend less on their upkeep. They have simple designs. They are easy to use. This makes them a popular choice for small auto repair shops.

2.2 Convenient for Small-Scale Jobs

Manual tyre changers can be very convenient for small-scale jobs. They are usually more affordable. This is the great option for a garage and small tyre shops to change their tires. It also good for small businesses with little tyre-changing work.

2.3 Easy to Use

Manual tyre changers have some benefit. They are often much easier to use than larger, automatic models. They are usually smaller and more compact. This makes it easier to move at small space.

In summary, a manual tire changer is a handy tool. It offers a low-cost and easy solution for changing tires. If you are a enthusiast looking to save on maintenance costs. Or, you may have a small business owner in the automotive industry. A manual tyre changer is a best option for both of you.

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You can use a manual tyre changer by following steps. First, assemble the machine. Then, use the bead breaker, align the wheel, use the pry bar, and inflate the tyre.

The assembly involves installing the bearings, bushings, and overarm. Then, the duck head, center guide, and centering cone. Next, you adjust the settings for different wheels.

Manual tyre changers are cheap. They are handy for small jobs. They are easy to use and portable.

It’s important to follow proper safety precautions when using a manual tyre changer. This includes securing the machine well. Use the right tools and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You need to do regular maintenance on a manual tyre changer. This involves checking and replacing worn-out parts. It also means lobbing moving parts and keeping the machine clean.

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