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Tyre Changer Machine Parts – A Complete Guide

Tyre Changer Machine Parts: A Complete Guide

Tyre Changer Machine Parts are important in tyre changer machines. Tyre changer machine is important in any automotive repair shop. It is used to remove and install tires on wheels. The machine is a complex assembly of many parts. Each part plays an important role in its operation. Let’s explore the key components of a tyre changer machine.

1. Mount/Demount Duck Head

The mount/demount duck head is a main part of a tyre changer machine. The machine is designed to mount and demount the tire from the rim. These duck heads are made of nylon or metal. The material choice can impact the duck head’s durability. It also affects the rim damage risk during tire changes.

2. Foot Pedal Valve

The foot pedal valve is a pneumatic air control valve. It controls the machine. This allows the operator to keep their hands free to move the tire and the wheel. Some machines feature a one-touch five-way foot pedal valve for enhanced control.

3. Turntable

The turntable is where the wheel is clamped during the tyre changing process. It can rotate in both directions. This allows for easy mounting and demounting of the tire. Some machines come with a turntable work table cylinder piston full seal gasket kit.

4. Bead Loosener

Tyre changer machine parts Tyre Changer Machine Parts - A Complete Guide

The bead loosener, also known as the bead breaker, is used to break the seal between the tyre and the rim. This makes it easier to remove the tyre from the rim.

5. Helper Arms

Helper arms assist in mounting and demounting. They are useful when dealing with stiff or low-profile tyres.

6. Air Treatment and Air Valves

Air treatment components ensure that the air used in the machine is clean and dry. Air valves control the flow and direction of this air.

7. Motors and Switches

Motors provide the power for the machine. Switches control the motors. For example, a tyre changer machine might have a forward reverse turntable switch.

8. Other Parts

There are many other parts. These include inflation hoses, chucks, gauges, seals, springs, and gearboxes (transmissions). They also help the tyre changer machine work.

In summary, a tire changer is parts group machine. It has many parts that work together. Understanding these parts can help the machine run well. It can also help in troubleshooting any issues. Always remember to use the machine safely. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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A tyre changer machine has several parts like bead breaker, the mount/demount mechanism, and the turntable. Some machines also include a helping arm for handling difficult tyres.

Before using a tyre changer, let the air out of the tyre. Also, remove all the wheel weights from the rim. Don’t wear loose clothing and always wear a protective hat, gloves, and skid-proof shoes.

If the tyre changer machine parts are missing or broken, do not use the machine. Contact the manufacturer or dealer as soon as possible.

Common accessories include duck heads, filters, and lubricators. They also include levers and hooks. These parts can vary in price depending on their material and function.

Regular maintenance is good habit.  Regularly check all tyre changer machine parts. It is the best way for the longevity and performance of your tyre changer machine. It also includes lubricating moving parts. It also requires fast replacement of any worn or damaged parts.

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