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Wheel Balancing and Alignment Machine Prices in India

Wheel Balancing and Alignment Machine Prices in India

Wheel balancing and alignment are important services for a vehicle’s health. These services are provided by automotive workshops in India.

Wheel Alignment Machine Price 1 Wheel Balancing and Alignment Machine Prices in India

The machines come in various types. They have different prices. For instance, a manual wheel alignment machine costs about ₹3,35,000. If you don’t need a printer, the automatic one costs around ₹3,25,950.

A semi-automatic 3D truck aligner costs up to ₹6,00,000. The average market price of a wheel alignment machine in India is around ₹2.80 Lakh per unit. You can get a combined wheel alignment and balancing machine.

These prices depend on the machine’s features, brand, and type. You can explore autoservindia products for auto garages. autoservindia has since 1989 in this industry. Autoservindia provides the best quality equipment at the lowest price with long-lasting and service support.

Wheel Alignment Machines

Wheel alignment machines are a good side income business source in the automotive industry. They adjust the wheel angles of a vehicle. A wheel alignment reduces tire attrition. It ensures that the vehicle travels straight without pulling and increases tire life.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment Machine Prices in India Wheel Balancing and Alignment Machine Prices in India

It also improves the vehicle’s mileage and makes driving smoother, and safer. These machines come in many types and have different features.

They serve different needs and budgets. This is an investment that ensures customer satisfaction and safety, providing long-term benefits.

Wheel Alignment Machine Prices

Wheel alignment machine prices in India are different. It depends on their features, brand, and type. Here are some examples:

  • A Single-phase Phase Manual Wheel Alignment Machine price is ₹3,35,0001.
  • An Automatic Wheel Alignment Machine with 200W power (without Printer) price is ₹3,25,9501.
  • A Semi-Automatic 3D TRUCK ALINGER with 250V price is ₹6,00,0001.
  • The average market price of a wheel alignment machine in India is around ₹2.75 Lakh per unit.

Wheel Balancing Machines

Wheel balancing machines play a vital role in the automotive industry. It ensures that the wheel’s weight is equally distributed around the axle. This makes a smoother ride.

Balanced wheels not only reduce tire attrition but also put less strain on the drivetrain.

The Importance of Wheel Balancing and Alignment for Your Cars Health and Performance Wheel Balancing and Alignment Machine Prices in India

This improves vehicle performance, increases fuel efficiency, and enhances driving comfort. These machines come in various types and price ranges.

It depends on your needs and budgets. Investing in a good wheel balancing machine is a good idea to start a good income business.

Wheel Balancing Machine Prices

Wheel balancing machine prices are also different. Prices depend on their features, brand, and type. Unfortunately, specific prices for wheel balancing machines are not easily available.

However, a Wheel Alignment & Balancing Machine is available. It costs about ₹1.95 Lakh.

Summary is here

Every car workshop or garage must invest in a great machine. It balances and aligns wheels. The prices can vary. But, it’s important to consider the machine’s features. You should also think about its durability. Also, think about the support from the manufacturer after the sale.

Always remember, that the safety and satisfaction of your customers should be the top priority. Therefore, investing in good quality equipment is always beneficial in the long run.


Wheel alignment machines in India can cost between Rs 3.5 lakh and Rs 6.25 lakh, depending on the brand and model. You Can Explore Autoservindia for the latest price.

As of April 2024, a wheel alignment machine in India has approximately 300,000 INR.

Car Wheel Maintenance Price List – India 2024

ServicePrice (₹)
Wheel Balancing₹499
Wheel Alignment₹399
Tyre Rotation₹349


In India, wheel balancing typically costs between ₹150 and ₹300 per wheel, but this can vary based on the vehicle type, location, and whether you choose a two- or four-wheel alignment. Some service providers may offer discounts if you balance all four wheels at once. You can start a side income business with wheel balancing machine. Contact at Autoservindia

Yes, additional costs may include installation, training, and maintenance. It’s also important to consider the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer.

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