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Manatec Tyre Changer – Best Tyre Maintenance Equipment

Manatec Tyre Changer

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Manatec Tyre Changer - Best Tyre Maintenance Equipment

Welcome to the world of the automotive garage industry. We will introduce you to the Manatec Tyre Changer. It is a product that will grow your workshop sales. AutoServindia is seller and manufacturer of Tyre changers, Wheel alignment setup and all auto garage tools & equipment in Gurugram, Haryana. This is a semi-automatic machine that comes in the best quality. Tire professionals designed it to assist in smoothly mounting tires onto wheels.

What is Tyre changer?

Tire chaser is a machine. Which is used to open the vehicle’s tire. This machine is mostly used in tire shops. This machine opens the tire in the blink of an eye. This machine does hours’ work in minutes, so that more work and profit can be done in less time. All tire related equipment is installed in this machine. All the facilities like opening, attaching, filling air etc. of the tire are available.

Unparalleled at Efficiency

The Manatec Tyre Changer is also known as the AS-TC-1020. It works for many vehicles, such as cars, three-wheelers, motorcycles, and heavy-duty autos. It offers the best tire replacement without compromising clarity. The machine is semi-automatic. It ensures structured tire handling. It makes tire replacement smooth & easier.

Advanced Features

The AS-TC-1020 model comes with options in 10″20 sizes. It has four jaws and a double cylinder. Its operating pressure is 0.8-1.0 MPa. This range makes it flexible for different types of tires.

User-Friendly Design

Users praise the user-friendly design of the Manatec Tyre Changer. Its features are easy to navigate, making it accessible for those who is using the tire changer for the first time. It focuses on user experience. It is efficient. This makes the AS-TC-1020 a valuable addition to any automotive workshop.

A Commitment to Excellence at Autoservindia

At AutoServ, we commit to automotive excellence and innovation. We sell the Manatec Tyre Changer. We also sell top-quality tyre changers at low prices. They come with 1 year of support. Make your workshop popular and grow sales. Do this by having our top-quality tools. They define the future of a car garage shop. Our customers rave about AutoServ’s products. They praise their quality performance and ease of use.

Summary is here

The Manatec Tyre Changer is more than a machine. It’s a great solution for the tyre shops. it is designed to make tire replacement easy. It also ensures clarity and ability. Its advanced features and easy design make it a must-have for any auto workshop. They offer the peak of car innovation with AutoServ’s top products.

How to start side income business?

If you are thinking of starting a side income business with less money, then automotive industry is the best option for you. You can open a repairing garage for vehicles like automobiles, cars, autos, bikes, trucks. Because these are such businesses which are growing day by day. You can start a good business by making one time investment in these like wheel alignment setup, PUC Centre, Car washing setup.

Latest From Manatec Tyre Changer

Manatec offers a range of tire changers. Includes the semi-automatic AS-TC-1020 and several other models. They have recently introduced the Tyremate 200 TL, which is suitable for passenger car and light commercial vehicle tires. 

This model has a pneumatic tilting vertical column. It also has two cylinders for a firm hold. Another variant is the Tyremate 200 TL – RFT. It can support rigid, wide and low profile tires using an RFT3 auxiliary arm.

In addition to Manatec’s offerings, there are many other notable tire changers on the market. For example, the combination of Triumph NTC-950-2 tire changer and NTB-800 balancer is excellent. It can handle many types of tires. 

Other popular models include the Tuxedo TC-400M-B and the Leverless Wheel Changing Machine4.

Machines may vary in availability and specifications. It is good to check official websites or ask manufacturers for the latest information.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

A Manatec tyre changer has a motorized rotating platform. wrap to help launch and put on tires. It uses many mechanisms and accessories. They hold the tire and rim securely and minimize the risk of damage.

Manatec tyre changers often come with features. These include automatic positioning, adjustable clamping arms, bead breaker systems and easy-to-use controls. These features improve efficiency and ease of use during tire changing operations.

Manatec tyre changers are designed for many types of vehicles. These include cars, SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles. They often come with adjustable fits to accommodate different tire sizes and rim types.

A Manatec tyre changer can really speed up tire changing in auto shops. Saves time and effort for mechanics. Additionally, these machines help ensure precision and accuracy. They are used to mount and balance tires. This use leads to greater security and customer satisfaction.

Manatec tyre changers are available for purchase through Buyers can contact us directly.

Operating a Manatec tyre changer is simple. But you must be trained to use it well and safely. Many dealers offer training programs. They also offer materials to teach users about the features of the machine and how it works.

Yes, Manatec offers technical support. Helps with the installation, use and maintenance of your tire changers. Customers can contact Manatec support team for help. They can get help with troubleshooting, spare parts and service queries.

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